1977 built to be sold as a "78 model year" car in the USA


This is my own car I imported from California in 2017 and doesn't want for anything. This truly is a reluctant sale, due to ill health I am just looking at it in the garage and although it is an amazing piece of art I want it to go to a good home where it is going to be used!

Once this car was delivered I completely went through it with a fine toothed Combe to make it 100% reliable for a trip across Europe.

whilst in the workshop the following was carried out.

The gearbox jumped out of 4th gear so the gearbox was removed and send to Devon and Cornwall transmissions to be reconditioned, a new clutch and release bearing was also installed.
Timing belt and tensioners replaced and the old fibre timing gears replaced with CNC machined alloy wheels.
Fully serviced,
New steering relay
New ball joints and track rod ends
Carburettor rebuilt and de-emission controlled (US regulations strangle the engine) releases a significant amount of power from the before strangled engine.
upgraded 3 core radiator replaced the old one (had a small leak)
Upgraded brake pads and discs,
Upgraded bushes and new lower and stiffer coil springs with koni sport shock absorbers
Maserati bi-Turbo alloy wheels fitted with Pirelli tyres.
New roof,
The front seats have been re-trimmed and I also had the dashboard, door cards and centre console trimmed with a twin stitch that contrasts the seat colour.
Performance Anza exhaust and tubular manifold has been fitted as well as an upgraded ignition.
the sill covers came off to check for corrosion (not one spec or stain) the sills were wax oiled and cover reinstalled.

Not that it gets used but it has a Bluetooth stereo with phone integration and the speakers are located where the standard speaker would have been fitted in the centre console.

Full wax oil treatment, including removing the sill covers and door cards and treating inside the structure.

The list is endless and the best part of course is that the car is from California from and has ZERO corrosion! Any inspection welcome!

A full repaint in the same original green has been carried out. This was only because there were a lot of imperfections (chips, shopping trolley marks) in the original paint we agreed with the body shop that it would be best to do the whole car.

I also have the original service book/ owners manual that came over with the car from America. I have all the receipts for work that I have had done.

It runs and drives better than it would have done when it was new, doesn't burn oil between servicing, no leaks! You will not be disappointed with this!

Starts on the button and didn’t let us down on our Europe trip.

The previous owner was a Porsche mechanic in California who took very good care of the car.

tax and MOT exempt


I have pictures from the day the car was delivered and during its re-commissioning. 


fantastic car that everybody comes to see at shows or even little outings! 


Delivery can be arranged

SOLD Fiat 124 Sport Spider CS1