Alfa Romeo GT Junior Deluxe
Vin: AR115050001304
Engine number: AR0051276334
Imported from South Africa earlier this year we have this lovely little GT Junior Deluxe. The Junior Deluxe model was a last year of production run out model sold only in South Africa using the 2000GTV shell. It was built at the Milan factory alongside rhd export production and shipped out to the Alfa Rosslyn plant in Pretoria where minimal final assembly took place, and sold with the 1600 engine or at an option the 2000 engine could also be later installed once in S.A.
Prior to coming to the UK this Alfa was subjected to a full rebuild of which I have pictures and videos to go with the car.
Mechanically the car is very good and a great attention to detail has gone into the engine bay and running gear.
the body is very straight and appears original, the paintwork does have some sun damage since its been outside in the heat in S.A and this is reflected in the price of the vehicle.
The interior has been finished very nicely again with good attention to detail, does appear to have a missing trim on the centre console.
Any questions please get in touch.

SOLD 1976 Alfa GT Junior Deluxe 2000