1975 Porsche 911S Targa Top Registered and ready to go!


Imported from the sunny state of California the condition of the car is outstanding, I have not seen a 911 with bodywork as original as this in a very long time. This has not been subject to any restoration work and has to be seen to be believed, it really is a time warp. A light recommissioning mechanically has been carried out recently to the new owners benefit and future reliability of the car. Body: The bodywork shows its been a Californian car, and its a credit to its previous owner as the paint has been kept very well, it has outstanding paint for the year of the car and shows no signs of sun bleaching or lacquer peel. No dents apparent however I must stress this is a classic car, age related marks may be apparent. Viewings are strongly recommended. Underneath the factory rust proofing is still there and no underbody sealant or such has been applied. Interior: Very good condition for its age, the odd imperfection when you pay close attention. Again viewing is recommended Seats still have that Porsche sporty yet comfortable feel and are not sinking etc Carpets are very good, no stains or damage apparent. Engine/ Gearbox: The engine in this 911 performs superb, starts on the button and has that unique Porsche tone that will put a smile on your face the instant it fires up. The car came over from the states with a 3.0SC engine fitted instead of the 2.7. After our inspection we found the engine required work so the car was sent to a local Porsche specialist of which removed the engine, stripped it down and rebuilt it replacing anything that raised concern this cost in excess of £6000! At this time the fuel hoses were also replaced as well as many other items that may have been perished/ worn. Gear changes are smooth and precise, the linkage UJ bushes have been upgraded to Polyurethane performance items. Brakes: Typical 911 braking and its accurate and remains straight under heavy braking, the hand brake is also very efficient. Drive: The weather we are experiencing at there moment, is there car to match better? Sun out, roof off, windows down.... the soundtrack from the flat 6 is just a start. I have to remind myself this is a 1970's car every time I look at it let alone drive it. It is true German engineering, its tight, precise and has that front end feel that Porsche have spent the last 4 decades trying to eliminate, why I have no idea as it reminds you its what a 911 is all about, its a pure pedigree 911. No knocks or bangs, it does benefit from numerous suspension bushes being replaced with Polyurethane and we noticed Koni shock absorbers have been installed.  Any questions or to arrange a viewing please feel free to call directly on my mobile: 07585337686 Delivery can be arranged at the buyers cost, please enquire.

SOLD Porsche 911 Targa